Sunday, May 26, 2013

5 years ago today... pt. 4

5 years ago today, Rey went to work as usual around 6 am since my contractions weren't getting any closer together. I hadn't slept much at all that night, with the constant-yet-very-seperated contractions going on.

By 8 am, I found out what labor really feels like! Now I was getting those contractions that stop you in your tracks. No talking through these babies! My aunt and I would laugh somewhat hysterically between contractions as she'd read the "helpful" descriptions of labor from different books on the subject. "Imagine birth like the opening of a flower..." Whaaaa---?? Who writes these things?

Around 11am, we called Rey and the other midwife. They could come around noon, we said. The contractions were probably more like 5 minutes apart by that point.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in walking, stopping, walking, stopping. Kneeling, sitting, leaning. The midwife kept telling me the baby was still too high to push and encouraged walking. I was having some intense "back labor" and got to a point that my legs were shaking too bad to walk, but the baby was still too high.

That got us to a really "fun" part, where I was sitting and with each contraction, the midwife instructed Rey to push inwards and downwards on my stomach to encourage the baby down. Ouch.

Finally, the midwife decided it was ok to push... I think that was around 3:30pm... and at 5:45p--after the hardest day of work I'd done in my life up to that point--a darling little boy made his entrance into the world! He didn't cry at all, but was instantly very alert, taking in the world around him silently. He did begin to show us his lungs when the midwives got him cleaned up and dressed!

Baby boy didn't have a name yet... we didn't decide that until the next morning (we had a list of "maybes"... nothing for sure). But, he was here. He was our first child. Our hearts burst with love for him. He was beautiful, perfect. And, our world was changed forever..

5 years ago today.

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