Saturday, May 25, 2013

5 years ago today.... pt. 3

5 years ago today, I woke up somewhat annoyed to not have had any progression in this labor thing. I was having contractions anywhere from 15-20 minutes apart, and they weren't ever so strong that I couldn't go on with my daily activities. It was just tiring, not knowing what was going on!

Rey went to church that Sunday morning, and I opted to stay home. Didn't know when things could start heating up! When Rey got home, he announced that his family had thrown together a surprise baby shower for me that afternoon out at the family farm. To say I was not excited is an understatement! "They want me to go out there and be 'the star of the show' when I am having contractions???!!" And, poor Rey. Stuck in the middle!

Rey's mom and sisters stopped by a few moments later to say "hi". I thought for sure once my mother-in-law knew my predicament, she'd do a rain check on the whole baby shower thing. Instead, she advised me to take some chamomile tea and see if that helped.

By the time we were getting ready to go to my shower, I was in tears. I felt guilty--knowing that the family was putting the shower together out of love for us, and from their lack, but SO wishing to not be going ANYWHERE!

But, I made it! They had tables set up outside. We played bridal shower bingo, while I smile-winced through regular contractions (maybe more like 10-15 minutes apart now). They served large portions of carne asada, rice, soda... and I moved food around, not really wanting to put anything in my rather annoying stomach at that point. Every 20 minutes or so, I would waddle slowly across the field to the outhouse... give myself a little pep talk while there.... and then waddle back to the party.

We got home around 8 pm, and my aunt (who was to be one of the midwives) was there waiting for us. She spent the night, ready for whatever might come!

She and Rey were soon fast asleep, while I spent the night watching one Andy Griffith episode after another (the only videos we had!). Again, the pain wasn't so much intense as it was constant and noticeable.

5 years ago, today. 

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