Friday, May 24, 2013

5 years ago today.... pt. 2

5 years ago today.... Rey and I woke up and waited around for the gynecologist's office to open. I was feeling a little ready to be embaressed: Surely it was just my anxiousness to get this birth on the road that made me think labor was eminent, I thought. I envisioned the gynecologist shaking her head knowingly, patting me on the back.

And, that's how it started. Her looking at me, disinterestedly pulling on her gloves with the attitude of, "Little Miss Thing thinks labor is starting, eh?"

But, her expression soon changed to shock. "You're 3 centimeters dilated! Why are you out walking around like nothing is going on? Do you want your baby to be born in the street??! Get to your bed, stay in it. Do not eat--only take in liquids and prepare to be parents by tonight!"

Rey and I stopped by the movie store--since I wasn't in pain, might as well enjoy our day in. We informed our 2 midwives of the news, but since I wasn't in any actual pain... we didn't have them come over.

And so the day went. No real pain, just odd twinges here and there. I was getting ravenously hungry by the end of the day--but felt guilty eating, remembering the gynecologist's instructions. By nightfall, I decided to eat whatever I wanted and went to bed, feeling out-of-sorts and full of questions,

Was I in labor or not??

5 years ago today.

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