Thursday, February 28, 2013

What do you do when....

... the biggest snowfall of the year is forecasted and you are warned to be ready??

Well, Noah figured it out.

He had been happily playing in another room, when he came running to me with "that" twinkle in his eye: "Mom! Mom! We got to get the little blue pool in here and make a beach!"

Noah was busily telling me how we all needed to get our swimsuits on and he was grabbing "beach towels" out of the bathroom and stretching them out on the floor... "For when we want to lay in the sun and get warm..."

When I saw that making "pretend water" with balls wasn't going to fly... I thought: "You know. When will it ever again happen that we can make a beach inside while blizzard-like weather swirls around outside??"

So, I yet again won my title of "Craziest Mom of the Century" (and many eye-rolls from daddy-o) and we made a beach in the kitchen--complete with a space heater. :)!   (Oh, and prepare yourself for a wee bit of indecency...) ;)

See?? :)

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