Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The times they are a-changin'.... (wherein my horrible photography skills are revealed)

Sunday night... something big happened. Something that hasn't happened since Noah was born.....

All of us went to sleep in "regular beds". No crib sleepers!!

In prep for our baby-on-the-way, we moved Noah and Aleni upstairs...

They were SO excited to be in new "big kid beds"!!

They actually did really good, considering how excited they were! Noah fell right asleep... Aleni took a lot longer and was up quite a few times during the night--but she wasn't loud about it... So! Much better than I had thought the first night would go!

I did feel a bit sentimental about it.... but, not overly so--because the crib isn't gone. It's still there, in a room that is all ready for a small one.

It's just empty. For now.


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