Tuesday, January 15, 2013

she's 3!

Ahhh... my girlie is 3! Hard to believe she's 3 already... thinking back to when her brother turned 3--we were on the road from Mexico to here! Thankfully, Aleni's 3rd birthday was less hectic....and we got to really enjoy it!

Remembering back to where she joined our family...

 Aleni Elizabeth... minutes after being born

Day one!

So beautiful...

Laney continues to be a joy and a whirlwind. An interesting mix of fearlessness and confidence--and introversion and shyness. She doesn't see an obstacle as a stop, merely something that slows her up a moment or two as she figures out a way to go over, around or through it. She has a will of iron and knows what she wants, or doesn't want. She can be as tough as nails--not even shed a tear after a really painful incident--and then be weepy and emotional over the smallest thing.

 1st Birthday!

Never stops moving!
Still loves finding and collecting rocks...

We are working hard to get her to learn to listen and follow directions. Doesn't come easy for this independent lass! ;)

Her language isn't the clearest, but she does have a pretty extensive vocabulary and good at remembering things and relating what she wants us to know in her own way. It's cute to see her awareness of Spanish growing... the other day when a Hispanic friend was here, she rushed over: "Come on, mommy! I gotta say 'hola' to that daddy!" ;) She makes me laugh all day long.

 2nd Birthday!

 Darling girl

Enjoying a great summer day

Aleni is happiest just exploring places at her own pace, uninterrupted. Unhurried. She loves getting good and messy!

Here's some fast Aleni facts:

Clothing size: 3T
Shoe size: 7-8
Favorite things: Horses; anything with a lot of tiny pieces; wearing tights (with nothing over them); doing things "by myself!"; princesses somewhat, but they seem to be on the out (yayy! haha...); anything that Noah likes; lip gloss; play dough (mixing all the colors together...argh!);
Favorite foods: Cheese, meats, bananas, goldfish crackers, chips. No wonder she has issues with being "backed up"... ;) She also likes peas, corn, beans.
Favorite color: Pink! (Although she calls it "green").
Favorite question: "Whyyy??" and "Whatchoo doin'?"
Favorite answer: "Ah-cuz!" (= 'because').
Potty trained? Getting there.
Scared of: Clowns, people in costumes (that's my girl!). 
Great at: Problem solving ("I know mom!"), fine motor tasks, organizing.

3 years old!

More beautiful each day...

Laney Lou--we are so in love with you. You are a special gift from God to our family. You fill our hearts, lives and home with so much joy and laughter. Your determined spirit inspires us. We pray we can love you and guide you in the best way possible!!

 Much love to you, precious.... and happy 3 years!

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