Sunday, January 20, 2013

horse-themed birthday party

When I asked Aleni what kind of party she wanted.... she said she wanted a horsey party.

I began brainstorming--and googling and pinteresting! Since my internet browsing was so helpful to me, I thought I'd post our outcome, just in case someone else is looking for ideas. Why hurt your brain thinking up ideas when someone else has already done it for you?? Ha ha...

Keeping the party-comers to 2 and 3-year-olds made activity planning simple! :) I tried to make a lot of my decorations also activities.... or my food to be also be decorations, etc.... so, it makes some things hard to put in categories, but--here goes:


We put "hoof prints" leading up to the front door:

The colors were "rainbow colors", with a slight emphasis on the more "girly" of the rainbow colors.

Horses of different sizes and colors scattered around, to play with. Horse books from the library.

The original plan for the tissue poms was to form them into a rainbow over the snack table (I took A LOT of inspiration from this picture), but that was thwarted by an uncooperative ceiling. The outcome was just as nice.

We got a horse ("My Little Pony") piñata online... I chose one that was a "pull-the-string" version, since it was an indoor party--and that way Aleni could keep the horse after the party

We put out some horse books we got from the library....

There were coloring sheets, printed them off of a couple websites I found online...

I found a horse head cookie cutter online and made horse sugar cookies. I left them unfrosted and the girls got to decorate them with frosting and an assortment of fun toppings: sprinkles, mini m&m's, mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows. I know the moms were really loving the sugar high their kiddos were getting! ;)

"Pin the tail on the Horse". I just drew up the horse on a poster and made the tail from ribbon. The girls could choose whether or not they wanted to wear the blindfold.

We played "Horseshoes". I just made them with cardboard and duck tape. They had to try to throw the horseshoes into a basket.

We also played "Feed the Horse". The girls had to try to throw little carrots into the horse's mouth.

We played a "Sugar Cube Relay Game" ("because horses like sugar cubes!").... each girl had a cube and tried to carry it on a spoon and dump it in a jar without spilling it.

For every activity, the girl got to pick a prize (mostly little necklaces, bracelets or rings)--whether or not they were "successful". The point: Just have fun. :)

We also did a little "Make a Horse" craft.


Cake was easy! Just bought one from Kroger, put some horses on it and some streamers over them!

Finger food! I wanted to somewhat keep with the "rainbow colors" theme, but also include some of Aleni's favorite foods. I did a fruit tray: blueberries, strawberries and manderin oranges. I did a "food" tray: ham rolls, cheese cubes and goldfish. I just did water for drinks.

Not really food--but, I had several jars of brightly colored candies out, along with "Unicorn" rainbow colored suckers.

I found some cute little boxes at the Dollar Tree. I put small "My Little Pony" gifts and horse stickers in each box.

There you have it! SO many of the items were purchased at the Dollar Tree or for very low prices--or made with things we already had around the house. That's my kind of party!! ;)

Hope this inspires you if you are looking to make a horse-themed party! :)

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