Monday, November 19, 2012

november's passage

I am always excited when I get new, do-able ideas for teaching the kiddos about God.

Recently, I began thinking about what do I want my kids to know--inside and out--about God? As I began mentally going through different things ("God is light", "Jesus is the way", "God knows me", "Jesus is salvation"), I came upon the idea of working to memorize either a chapter or passages around a theme each month. I plan to break down "big thoughts" into kid's words to help them understand the basic message. Then, as they get older, I can gradually change the wording until it is the whole "unchanged" passage!

So, here's November's passage... from one of my favorite Psalms--#139. I changed the format some, since the little ones can get confused with too many "you's", "he's", "me's", etc...

"God knows me! God knows when I sit down and when I stand up. God knows what I am thinking and where I am going. There is never a time that God cannot see me. God even knows what I am saying.

God protects me in front and behind. God has put his hand on me. This is amazing!

There is no place I can go that God is not there. If I fly way up into the sky, God is there. If I go way down deep into the earth, God is there. If I swim out into the farthest part of the ocean, God is there! Everywhere I am, God will lead me and God will hold me. Here's another amazing thing: God can see in the dark! Dark and light are the same to God. There is nowhere I can hide from God.

I will praise God, because I am perfectly made. Everything God does is amazing, and I know this is true. 

When I was in my mommy's belly, God saw me and God made me. God put me together perfectly. God wrote out my life-story before I was even alive!

The way God thinks about me is so precious. God thinks about me all the time. If I could count all the times God thinks about me, they would be more than the sand on the beach. I am always with God.

God, please look into my heart. See if I am worried about anything or have done anything wrong. I want to be Your friend. Lead me in the eternal way."

I just read off short phrases, with simple, made-up signs, and the kids repeat back to me the words and the signs. We read the whole passage together like that--either at dinner or before bedtime. The kids do a great job, and haven't complained yet about "Do we have to do the same one again??" They like it! Especially with fun signs like "sit down and stand up" and "swim to the farthest part of the ocean"! ;)

So great!


  1. I really enjoyed this post and thought to myself what a great idea. We are memorizing all of Col. right now we are at Col. 1:1-24. We are getting very excited as we reach the one chapter mark. We memorize two verses each week. At that rate we will have all of Col memorized in one year. What Joy it is to put His Word in our hearts. Love you!

    1. Not sure if you know but I too have a blog here. Come over and say hi sometime.

  2. Good job, Petersons! Thanks for commenting... yes, I do read your blog whenever I get a chance! :)


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