Tuesday, November 6, 2012

couldn't have been...

Aww... Look at those two cuties having a lil' lunch outside... well three cuties if you count Noé's puppy. Oh, serenity:


What? You see something other than sweet perfection?

A broken window??

Must've been one of your ruffians, 'cuz I sure do know it wasn't one of my blessed angels.

I mean, look at them sitting there. The image of genteel behavior.

Ok, ok. So maybe it was one of them. Maybe it was the older one. It could possibly that he was so excited that daddy was home because "daddy home" = "go to the park time". It might have been that his way of expressing this excitement was running, shrieking through the house, banging on random objects. On of those objects could have been this window, and I may have shouted out, "Noé, don't bang on the window because you might--" and it might have been that at that moment I heard silence and a slow, scared, "Moooommmmmmm..."

So, the little slice in his finger and the huge mess taught him one big lesson: Windows make pretty horrible drums. 

It is hard to hold a grudge against such a child, though... when he makes you little gifts like this one:

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