Wednesday, November 21, 2012

befores and afters...

You know my favorite part about moving is all the fun make-overs we get to do!

We still have all kinds of things to do in our house to get it "how we want it"... but, in the meantime, I've been able to finish some smaller projects.

I picked up this chair for around $7 from Salvation Army. An ugly old gal with some serious "yuck" issues...

 But, also some detailing I really liked:

So, one fateful day, I just tore into her, taking her down to bare bones:

 Nice shape, right?

I had hoped to be able to rip off the old, orange fabric and just stretch new over it.

Unfortunately-- found out that one of the wood pieces was cracked and a spring was sprung...

 I don't have pictures of what we did next... But, basically Rey traced the shape of the original seat, and we cut out a piece of plywood to match that.

I also spray painted the wood a nice, shiny black.
I had thought I'd buy a nice piece of cushy foam to put over the wood... but, when I saw how expensive it is ($17-30/yard???)... I decided to go another route. I remembered some pillows I don't often use... so, I ripped them apart and used them to stuff the chair seat. It isn't the softest chair you've ever sat on... but it

 The fabric was about $4, pillow from Goodwill. ;)

Here's the after!

 The next project also called out to me from Goodwill. This purty, South-of-the-border-ish print:

 I loved the art, didn't love the frame. But, I remembered we'd been given some pretty big, gold frames.

It was priced at:

But, I got it half off because of this in the bottom, right-hand corner (which I didn't care about because I knew I had the other frame at home):
 Something that I always "remember too late" when I am buying frames to re-do them... is to check how complicated the back it. Some frames are really easy to "get into"... but, this one was NOT one of them. Whew! Whoever framed it did not want it to be unframed, I'll tell you that!

Another factor I hadn't counted on was how THICK the print was to cut down to fit my frame. A LOT of elbow grease!


I put a couple coats of black spray paint on the big gold frame we'd been given...

The after:

 The other project... again, it's sad state on a Salvation Army shelf just could not be ignored.

But, I liked it's space and practical storage (I was thinking car keys, spare change..) and the flowers.... ;)

It was as easy as covering with a couple coats of spray paint:

Moral of the story: If you "almost" like something... try painting it... maybe that like will turn into a "love"! ;)

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