Thursday, November 1, 2012

aleni thoughts

When we were growing up, my siblings and I spent most of the summer running around in the woods behind our house. We often played we were "Indians" sneaking through the forest... we even gave each other "Indian names". I won't say who was who--but I remember names like "White Fox", "Slow Turtle" and "Running Deer" being shouted through the leafy expanse.

I think if I had to give Aleni an "Indian name", it would be "Aleni with the wind in her hair". Or, possibly more correct, "Wind in Hair."

 Miss Confidence!

Aleni is a mover. It's actually hard to get a "non-action shot" with her. She is intense, confident and always busy. When I think of her, I really do picture her moving around, with the wind in her hair. She's always planning her next move...




 I love that even in this early shot, we can get a glimpse of her strength and determination. "Of course I can climb this fence!"

Love you, my little papoose.   ;)

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