Sunday, August 19, 2012


Nearly daily, God shows us that we are where He wants us to be. Doing what He wants us to do. Even if it isn't what we pictured we'd be doing--it is pleasing to Him.

Sometimes, though, we can feel torn between two worlds. Missing what we were doing, the people we were with. Today, I was reminded that this is the place. For now.

We were sitting and chatting with some Mexican people after church. Rey knows them more than I do, since he's helped them out a lot fixing their cars. Anyways, we were sitting there, having our "after church donut", and one of the ladies asked me if the kids speak Spanish.

I said "Not yet", and explained that language is hard for Noé and it has been recommended that we concentrate on one language at a time. With English being the one he is most comfortable in, we decided to go with English. We know he will learn Spanish when he is ready.

With that, she launched into a long sermon of how wrong that was--giving me example after example, person after person who agreed with her. "You have to make him speak Spanish with you. He may look like he doesn't understand, but he does. It's the only way."

Then, she leaned across the table, loudly and slowly saying to Noé: "Noé, te gusta la dona? Noe, te gusta la dona? No. E. Te. GUSTA. la. DONA??" Noé began fidgeting, swinging his legs, looking down and saying, "No." When I told him she wanted to know if he liked the donut, he said, "Oh, yes!"

She shook her head at me, and then during the rest of the time tried to model how I should be engaging him in Spanish. She also began instructing her maybe 8-year-old nephew (who obviously was used to speaking English with her uncorrected) on how to say random words in Spanish.

I passed the time by digging my nails into my palms until I felt it was ok to excuse myself to the bathroom.

It all came back. THIS is why it wasn't working to have Noé in Mexico. Instead of people taking Noé's issues at face-value and working with us to help him, a vast majority of people took to correcting us and stepping over us to show us what they were sure we should be doing. With disastrous results. No wonder Noé was afraid of leaving the house. Oh, the overwhelming feelings of anger and frustration that I had forgotten!

Thank you, Lord, that you care for Noé more than we ever could, and you 
have him in the best place possible at this stage in his life!!


  1. Oh Liz, I thought of you so much on that dang Puerto Vallarta bus. One mom scolded me for not covering August up while he was sleeping (it's well over 90 degrees and he's sweating up a storm), and another mom saw my face and apologized, "Oh, Ellen, it's just that we Mexican mothers are so conscientious- too conscientious sometimes." WHAT??? AHHHHHHH
    Good job biting your tongue and good job being the Momma that Noah needs.

  2. Love you Liz keep on loving Noah just the way the LORD leads you too.

  3. Haha... Ellen. I love those apologies that aren't apologies. What I heard there was, "I'm sorry.. but we Mexican mothers are just sooo... well, you know. GOOD at mothering! REALLY sorry about that. " ;) ;)

    Christy-- thanks!!


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