Monday, August 20, 2012

his version.

This school year, Noé is sure to be sorely missing a lot of his best buddies in Pre-K. The program he is in is for 3 and 4-year-olds. He entered last year as a 3-year-old and became good friends with quite a few of the 4-year-olds. This year, those friends will be entering kindergarten, and he will still be in Pre-K.

The other day, Noé and I were swinging together and just chatting about life. I love that he is getting to the place we can do that! It is so fun to hear his version of things!

I decided it was a good time to begin letting him know that his best friend, "C", would not be with him in class this coming year. I said: "Noé, remember how you and C had Mrs. Frail as your teacher? Well, this year Noé will be with Mrs. Frail, and C will be at a new place called Kindergarten."

Noé swung thoughtfully for a few moments, crinkled up his brow and said, "Kindergarten? Well, Noé helps in Mr. Bryon's garden!" (and indeed he does!). Aww.. he understood me to say: "Kinder's garden"...


Yesterday, we were watching Rey play a soccer game at the park. Noé came up to me, stretched out his hand and announced he had, "A corn". I went to look at it, expecting to see a yellow kernel. I saw this:


Aww... when I say, "Acorn", he hears, "A corn."

What a kid.


  1. So sweet! And as the mother of "C", I can assure you that "C" will miss his time with Noah as well! :) And that's so funny about the "acorn". I never thought of how some things sound to our kids!!


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