Friday, August 17, 2012

a fun saturday

Last Saturday was just one of those days that from the time the sun went out until it went back down--it was gorgeous. There was no way we were going to let this precious day of perfect weather be squandered by indoor activity!

There have been 2 things on our summer "wish list" that we hadn't done yet...and we decided to go for it then. One was going to eat at Joe's Crab Shack on the river...and the other was flying kites.

The kiddos were excited to be heading out for a day of fun!


 Arriving at the river... Noah just chillin':

Laney saying "Nooooo!" and making her best, "I don't WANT a picture!" face:

 Big girls walk up the steps to Joe's Crab Shack on their own, thank you kindly:

Our amazing table--right out overlooking the river. Fun!

Sweet boy:

Me and another sweet  boy:

Laney showing her adventurous side on the playground. Of course she doesn't need help climbing this, in her floppy sandals!

Or jumping across the open space onto the playground:

Sunshine baby.

My two men, doing what they do!

He's got "IT"!

My darlin' man:

They loved the food!

Onto kite-flying!

I'm sure the reason we couldn't get the kites off the ground for more than 10 seconds was the fault of the kites. Not a doubt in my mind. ;)

Noah and Rey working as a team: 

When we got back from all this fun, we found out there was a free Mark Schultz concert in town. Mark Schultz is one of Rey's favorite (American) Christian artists.... so we just "had" to go.

Besides, it was an outdoor concert. :)

This was the view we had. Mark Shultz is the tiny head next to the beige baseball hat guy's left ear.

Noah kept himself busy by pulling out all his funniest faces:

Rey made good use of the stroller.... 

And the faces kept on coming..

 Aleni--doing that thing where she takes my breath away...

While bro keeps up the fun and games...

I don't know if he's that into Mark Schultz... ;)

Daddy was giving Aleni spinney rides on the wheel. Wee!

We left the concert early, but full of contentment with having enjoyed this day to the max.

Noah couldn't leave before getting a shot of himself with a new girlfriend.

He's always had exceptional taste in women.

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