Monday, June 4, 2012

to my noé, on turning 4

Age- 4 years old
Height- 41"
Weight- 39 lbs
Sizes- (Clothing) 5T, (Shoes) 10

My dear boy--
This fourth life with you had been a joy. It seems that we are destined to travel on your birthday... we were traveling from Mexico to Illinois on your 3rd birthday-- and on this 4th birthday, we were traveling home from Missouri.

We started your fourth year with all kinds of changes. You took them in stride like a champ--even though I know new things can be hard on you. You had all kinds of fun getting to hang out with your cousins during the summer and went through all kinds of screenings and tests as we tried to decide what would be the best way of understanding you.

As summer came to a close, momma found herself increasingly terrified at the idea of you going to preschool in the afternoons. She worried that maybe it wasn't the right choice. Maybe you were too young. Maybe it was too much new stuff all at once. After a rough day or two, you began to shine as the star you are. You made friends, learned the rhythm of classroom life and came to love your class.

 You got to know new therapists that came to love you as they saw your sweet spirit and your intelligence.You worked hard and cooperated with new exercises and made incredible growth in just the space of months. You amaze us, buddy.

You are trying to be big every day. "Noé's a big boy," you tell me, almost daily. You struggle to do things on your own, try to imitate older guys. You are daddy's right-hand man. If you hear the words, "Can you help me?"--you are right there on the job.

You still make me shake my head in wonder as I get to see more of how your mind works. Your memory of details is amazing and you are constantly working things out in your head. You often imagine ahead of time how things might be and you love to do imaginary play. You often like to be the teacher, or the daddy. You make connections between seemingly unconnected things--and that is so cool. You don't miss a thing.

You love to make us laugh.

You still have a love for music and dance; I wonder where that will take you?

I love to see you learning tenderness. Today, I saw you holding the door open for little sister, or carefully pushing her higher on the swing. I saw you taking her on a hike and whispering a joke in her ear. That makes me sooo proud.  

You have become re-attached to "Chorro" (short for "cachorro" = Spanish for "puppy"). It is so cute to see you snuggle him, talk to him, make sure not to forget him anywhere. You set him near you as you eat and offer him bites. You give him hugs and kisses. You laugh at his funny face. You put stickers on his chest. You two are true friends.

Noah, my man, momma and daddy love you so much.

Can't wait to spend this 5th year with you...


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