Sunday, February 19, 2012

seeing like noah, #2

I love times when I get little glimpses into the way Noé's mind works. If you missed the first installment of this, you can here. He is constantly relating what he sees to something else he has seen or experienced. It's awesome, and I wish I could capture them all, but. Alas. :)

This guy LOVES finding and making patterns. Here he called me in to see what he had made:

Do you see it? 1 frog, 2 whales, 3 balls. 4 ducks, and 5 miscellaneous toys! Cool!

Noé put on my glasses the other day and looked at himself in the mirror. Then he said, "Momma. Noé looks like a chipmunk!" (Think: "Alvin and the...") And we died laughing. It's even funnier since we haven't even seen the movie. I think he's seen their picture on signs...

Noé has a sticker chart for success in his potty endeavors. After placing the "peace sign" sticker, he said, "Hey, momma! It's like the car!" What? You don't drive a Mercedes-Benz? ;)

So, he's figured out how to take pictures. And he takes interesting ones like this one:

And this one:

Then, he runs upstairs to his room and takes a picture of another something dear and near to him-- His alphabet blocks, all lined up:

Then he takes a picture of his own cute mug:

And another of his crazy mom:

He loves spelling things on this LeapFrog toy. I love that he figured out a way to get his whole name up. All by himself.

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