Saturday, February 25, 2012

the rhythm of now....

Recently, we were listening to a speaker who was underlining the importance of learning contentment in the stage we are. Not to always be thinking ahead, "It will be so great when they are out of diapers....It will be so great when we get this job...It will be so great when we have this... It will be so great when..."

Instead, he said to remember:

So, I want to remember today's now.

Today's now is playing store. Noah stocking up on "purchases"....

...while Aleni is happy to just count the money.

It's begging to get your toenails painted like momma's. Yes, even Noah's. Please don't hold it against him. ;)

It's sharing a room.

Now, we play outside and think mini-snowmen are cool. Especially a momma and daddy snowmen that hold hands.

Today's happiness is buying a pack of those dissolving, expanding ball things and spending the morning discovering what's inside.

Now is being so cute that momma always says, "Stay right there while I get the camera...."
Now you say to each other, "Wo-wah, I yuv you." "Ah-way-nee. I yuv you." And it melts my heart.

Now we take baths together. And only fight some of the time.

Now is picking crafts we want to do off the computer...

...and making crazy faces!

Sometimes, nowadays, what makes us happy is making the alphabet out of blocks... and then lining people up on each block. And being very proud of the outcome.

Now, we help daddy get the eggs from the chickens...

..or on whatever other project he might need help.

And, even though there have been about 3 cry-fests I've had to break up and one box of carpet cleaner powder I've had to clean up as I finish this post... I agree with that man.

Happiness is definitely where I am right now.

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