Friday, November 18, 2011

just keep on swimming...

That's what these last few months have felt like. Well, really this whole year! It has been a whirlwind of decisions, changes, goodbyes, hellos and new things.

In January, I would've never guessed I would be where I am now, typing what I'm typing. I never knew that in March we'd feel led to leave behind one dream to follow God's leading back to Illinois. I never could've dreamed how hard it would be, what pain the process would incure--or what miracles would be generously poured out before us. This life--this walk--it is only known to Him, and only experienced when we "put our feet in the waters"... and allow Him to open them.

God is teaching me that so much of life lays in perspective and priorities. If I can keep His perspective on things and let Him lead us in prioritizing our activities--life is grand indeed.

Provision. That is what God has done for Rey and I from the very first day. From our early married days-- when we had no water heater and cooked over a plug-in single burner. When I would use my hair dryer (a pre-marriage purchase) to heat Noah's sleeping area, since we didn't have a space heater. To our missionary days--where He would miraculously provide just what we needed when we couldn't imagine where it would come from. True, it hasn't been easy. True, the last months as missionaries found us converting our home into a second-hand store, and using our precious days off to sell things in the downtown area. To today, where we find ourselves well and cared for. Our housing provided. Steady work. Good, good friends. More help than we could have dreamed of. Mercies new every morning.

Work here: Since we arrived, Rey got several different odd jobs. I often worked weekends as a waitress at a family restaurant and worked a couple hours a week for a friend who has an online business. In September, our jobs had kind of faded away, so I applied to work at a Golden Corral Buffet in Peoria. I generally worked 3 nights a week--3:30p to 11:30 or midnight. It was exhausting, thankless work. However, strangely, I felt pretty sure I was where I was supposed to be. I am always trying to figure out what I can learn in each situation, and one thing I learned was HUGE empathy for single mommas who work. What?! How do they even do that? I have a hard-working husband who cares for our babies when I was working and I would come home to a quiet, clean home. Still, I felt that I was drowning in exhaustion and always behind. I noticed my absenses having a negative affect on my children's behavior. But, we needed the income... So, I kept on.

It was interesting time for me--since I haven't had a job since I was married. So, it was good for me to remember the stressors, the social tensions and friendships that come along with a job. I'm glad for the experience--if only for that. It will help me, I think, be more "in tune" with Rey when he goes back into the work world.

A week or so ago, Rey suddenly found himself with about 5 new jobs all at once. We decided that this was a good time for me to "go back where I belonged"--home! :) *Long, happy sigh*. Being "away" from full-time mommying and house-keeping has given me a new perspective of its grandure. It has helped to center me and to give worth to what I am doing. More on that later. ;)

Along with work craziness, we were trying to keep the kiddos outside as much as possible during the beautiful fall we had and were getting Rey's green card paperwork filed. Right now, we are just waiting for them to advise us as to when our interview will be. Hoping it will be soon!

Nothing profound tonight. Just an update for those wondering... :)

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