Saturday, August 27, 2011

"that's soooo aleni..."

My baby girl is 18 months. She is to that point where I wonder if I should stop calling her "baby", but don't want to. We love her like crazy, and she loves us the same.

This girl is totally herself--so we often find ourselves recounting a story of something she did... and shaking our heads while saying, "That is sooo her."

She is a happy, easy-going girl. She isn't shy, but she doesn't want need to be the center of attention, either. She is always busy, always finding something to do. In a group, she usually is where everyone is--but doing her own thing.

Her easy-going nature is only interrupted when mean ole' mom or dad steps in to stop her flow. Then, an iron vein of determination is revealed. She isn't very moved by what others' response is or if it seems to bother them. She is only bothered if she herself is stopped from doing what she wants to do. She is learning, though... Sorry is becoming an often used word. Kisses are quickly following temper tantrums.

She is the queen of "looks". If she doesn't know you well, she will It cracks us up--since we know her to be generally pleasant and friendly. But beware if you are like the nice little boy at the pool who was trying to chat her up. She just froze completly and lowered her chin so she was staring at him through her eyebrows. And kept staring. And staring. The boy first chuckled, and then chuckled again--nervously this time. He looked at us as if to say, "I didn't do anything." Aleni will literally stare into people's eyes until they finally falter and flee.

At our family picture the other day, I had to feel bad for the photographer. No matter what crazy antics she tried, Aleni refused to smile. She sucked her lips in, biting them between her teeth and stared out over the lady's head. Completely bored with the whole thing. At one point she raised one eyebrow at the woman, as if to say, "Really, lady? Really??"

She is so good for Noah. She loves to catch him when he is just "peacing out"... she'll run up and tackle him to the ground--laughing crazily. They roll around until Noah breaks free and then it all begins again. Her fearless ways inspire Noah to try new things. Her forays into the forbidden show Noah that "it" is not even ok for her. He loves her and always shouts, "Baby's up!!!!!!!!" whenever he sees her comes out of her room.

So, she's a big personality. A ball of movement, determination and fun.

The other day, I bathed Aleni and got her all lotioned and in her jammies. She asked to go outside, and I said ok. I came out to find her doing this. Of course.

Even with her tight work schedule, she was gracious enough to share one of her little mischievious smiles that I love so much.

This also speaks of the girl she is. While playing in my room the other day, she decided this stool needed to be crawled through. There was no reason to crawl through it--except that it was there.
So, she grunted and groaned her way around the bars of the stool. And finally untangled herself. Of course.

She likes to just find places to sit and just enjoy being there. After I gave her this icee, she just found this perch on the step and sat there quietly for quite a while.

She likes playing in the rain. A lot.

She loves organizing things. She'll often take everything out of my cupboards--but usually will put everything back before she moves on. Here, she dumped all of these q-tips out of a bag from the bathroom, found that cup in the cupboard...

...And put them all in there.

Laners... stop growing, baby. We want to keep snuggling you and chasing you around the house so you get all crazy and giggle-y. We want you to keep doing "that thing" when you see someone sitting on the floor... when you just back up to them and plop down like you know they want you there. We want you to keep bringing us books to read to you. Just keep being you... and keep being our baby.

Love, Momma and Daddah.


  1. Your title makes me want to say, "That's SO Raven". : ) But I have to say that the pic of her in the rain is classic Aleni!

  2. I know... that title reminded me of the same thing. :) And--I also agree on the rain picture. ;)


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