Sunday, August 21, 2011

seeing like noah.

I have a feeling that as time goes on, there may be more installments of this nature. It is always so fun to see "how" Noah sees things--especially now that his vocabulary is growing. He has always been a kid that is into the tiny details. He will much more quickly notice the whisker on the kitten's face than the kitten itself.

He also often looks at objects and then thinks about what it is related to--often when he can't think of the correct word. He saw straw the other day and said, "Sheep."

I decided I should start recording some of the things he "sees"... just for fun.

We were looking at cards that go to a game the other day and Noah was naming what each card had on it.

When I held up this card, I knew he didn't know the word and I guessed he'd say "snake".

He said, "For the water!" (aka "Hose").

When I showed him this card he said, "Crayons!" Isn't this where you would keep your crayons?

Right away, Noah said, "Cows!" for this card. Oh, yes. Really, what else is this thing for?

When I was reading this book to Noah, he stopped me, "Look, mom! The moon!!"

He was pointing at the tree top on the right.

I have found some easy "I Spy" books at the library. When asked to find the white duck, he literally found it in a split second. I actually thought he was wrong, until I looked closer.

Did you find it? It is to the left of the house on the left. In contrast, it took him probably a full minute to find the train.

I apologize because this next image won't be as "un-touched" as the rest. We were looking at pictures in a coloring book, deciding which on to color, when Noah shouted, "Mom! Look! An 'e'!"

Do you see it? It is an upside-down lowercase 'e'--aka the sleeve of Moses's robe. I apologized, because I felt like all of the letters in the background might make you think that is why Noah was thinking letters. Nope, when he saw the 'e', the page was blank. From there, we went on to seeing what other letters he knew--hence the letters in the background.

That's all for now, folks! :)


  1. That's SO funny! What does he say when he sees MY picture? ; )


  2. What an interesting little brain! Kids are amazing! When did we become dull, lackluster adults...


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