Wednesday, August 31, 2011

9 am...

Yesterday morning dawned clear and cool. After breakfast, I sent the kiddos outside to play while I cleaned up the dishes. After a few minutes, I went outside to see what they were up to. I heard their glee-filled voices coming from about 20 yards behind the house. From the famed and favored "Mountain". Mountain of dirt and bark that is.

Here's how I found them:

And, boy oh boy, were they dirty.

Filthy, even.

But, then they gave me looks like this one...

... and reminded that one of the ways my siblings and I loved to keep ourselves amused was by scooting down "mountains" on our bottoms in the woods behind our house (we were homeschooled after all)... and they were already as dirty as was possible--so, they continued to fill every crevice with dirt and whatnot.

Until they found something wayyyy more interesting...

Yes, they're orange, okay?? ;)

On the way to the bathtub, Aleni found yet another way to get messy:

And, of course, she had to stick her leg in... Well! I guess her bath is halfway done!

Bubble bath time!

Bubble baths are often accompanies by icees. You know, it's the thing to do.

Ready for the grossest drained tub ever?

Check the clock. It's not even 10 am.


  1. Oh! I have an idea for the mountain!

    If you open out a cardboard box so they can use it as a sled to go down the hill...

    Story behind that suggestion: way back when our two oldest were about the same ages as Noah and Aleni, we lived with Allen's mom and dad. So his mom wanted to put an in-ground dough-boy pool. All the grown-ups dug the hole to put the 24-foot pool in, which then created a mountain similar to the one your kids were rolling down. Add two cardboard boxes, and my kids sledded down that thing every day for weeks. It's a fond (albeit dirty) memory!

  2. That sounds like something they would love... :)


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