Friday, June 10, 2011

transitioning in photos

The easiest way for me to take you through the last couple weeks would be with a few actual snapshots!

Aleni appears to be a bit happy to be out of the car and in the water in Laredo, TX.

Me and my boy. While he still permits me to do this.

Waiting in a not-too-long-comparitively-speaking Mexico-US bridge crossing.

If I was an awesome photographer with a totally radical camera, I bet this picture would be breath-taking. Photo op while taking a break driving from Tulsa to St. Louis.

Just doin' their sibling thang.

At one of our countless playland stops.

Celebrated Noah's 3rd birthday at the St. Louis Zoo. This elephant fountain was just inside the entrance and we sat there maybe 30-40 minutes. This was it for Noah. He did not want to budge.

Love baby's wonder and awe on the carousel.
No girl loves her daddy more!

Arriving to our wonderful, new little home.
When the view out your back door looks like this, you know life is good:

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