Friday, March 25, 2011

when are babies the cutest?

2 hints:

--it is what my babies are doing right now
--it is not when they discover the toilet paper roll.

... When they are sleeping, of course!

There is something magical about seeing babies sleep, it always gives my heart a little squeeze. I don't know if it only happens when you see your own children sleeping... if so, pardon this post! :)

(Also, sorry about the order of the pictures. They pretty much uploaded backwards from the way I wanted them... and naptime is over, so this is how they are going up!)

Noah, a few months ago

Noah, 5 months old

Aleni, 8 months

Noah, 1 year
Noah, 1 1/2 yrs
Aleni, 10 months. Showing how you sleep away the cold in an unheated house
Noah, about a month old

Aleni, 1 month
Aleni, snuggling with Aunt Erin
Aleni, 2 months
Aleni, 1 month
Noah, 1 week
Aleni, 1 week
Aleni, the night she was born
Noah, 1 week

Noah, 3 months

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