Tuesday, February 1, 2011

YadaYada Prayer Group Series

I don't know why... for some reason I kinda recoiled from reading this series. It looked too "little girly" or not "deep" enough.

However, once I got into the series, I gobbled it up. The author writes the book in the first person, and the voice is very believable. Most of the things the main character thinks are things I have thought myself or can imagine someone thinking in a given situation.

The focus of the book, obviously, is on a prayer group. The prayer group is made up of about 8-12 women from several churches and cultures/nationalities who got randomly thrown together at a woman's conference and decided to continue their relationship after the woman's conference ended. What follows is the daily life of this group and how they all become intimate friends and learn to worship God in newer and deeper ways.

I liked that the books honest and down-to-earth writing style helped me to think more about "prayer things" on a daily basis.

My only "dislike" is that I felt the author's description of various cultures/nationalities may have been a bit stereotypical or put on.

So, yes. For a fast, uplifting and interesting read: I recommend this series! :)

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