Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the love boat: pt 7 -- outtakes... aka: the end, i promise

It's good to laugh at yourself, isn't it?

I am sure it doesn't happen to anyone else... but in our quest for the perfect picture, we often end up with some that aren't so perfect.

As I was looking through our pictures, I couldn't help laughing... and wishing my big sis was here to help me "pin a caption" on these pictures. She rocks at that.

And, so... I present:

Rey-- "Maybe the van wasn't quite fixed yet... the fumes...."
Liz-- "I hope nothing flies up my nose..."

Rey: "Heh, heh. She's mine. All mine."
Liz: "Aw, shucks now honey."

Liz: "This is all happening so faaast... the lights... arghhh!"

Rey: "No, I can't. I'm a married man."
Liz: "Get over here, you."

"Now the hoedown went a little like this..."


  1. hahaha - nice. :) We have a couple like that from using the self-timer on Valentine's Day!

  2. You CRACK me up!!
    I'm thankful you had such a great get-a-way!


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