Monday, February 14, 2011

the love boat: pt 6--going home

Sunday morning seemed to dawn after just having closed our eyes Saturday night. That's how heavily we slept. Apparently, Rey's dad is the "up-at-dawn" type of fella because he'd been banging on something with a big stick for about an hour before we decided to get out of bed.

We had a nice time chatting with Rey's family and playing with one-year-old nephew, Agustin. Here he is eating breakfast with his 17-year-old momma, Mayra:

We left around 12, after chowing on our late breakfast of rotisserie chicken tacos and guacamole.

We looked like this on the drive home--hurting for sleep, a shower... and of course... our babies! :)

We got home around 10 and were oh-so-happy to fall into our very own bed.

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