Thursday, February 10, 2011

the love boat: pt 3--A day so long we'll split it in two

It is rather humorous, because whenever Rey and I talked about this trip, we'd get a dreamy tone in our voice. It was what got us through sleep-interrupted nights and earlier-than-we'd-like mornings. We'd just look at each other and smile--because we knew that in fourteen days-two hours-3 minutes we would be sleeping in until noon.

The irony is we never slept past 8.

Saturday morning, we were up at 7. Had to get that continental breakfast, dontcha know. Checkout was at 11, so we got all showered up and then lounged around watching TV until then. Now that felt luxurious.

It was still pretty chilly by the time we left and we still had a few items on our lists to get before heading back to Mexico. So, we decided to cross the kind of C-shaped bridge back to the "mainland" to get those things while we let the day warm up a bit.

The continental breakfast had basically been toast and mini-muffins, so we quieted our stomach rumbles at McDonalds. Rey is thrilled. Over the moon.

We ran around getting what we needed, and then zoomed back across the bridge and found our way to the bridge. It was a nippy 55 degrees with a strong wind, but there is nothing like the beach. The way the land falls away to the wide open mouth of the endless ocean.... I still get butterflies and start babbling like a 4-year-old when I see the horizon ending and start smelling salty air. The ocean is coming!

It was beautiful and we had to do some posin' during our hour there.


This was fun:

And our favorite shot:

We'd noticed we had several pictures with this pose. Observe:

Engagement Pictures: 2007

Wedding Pictures: 2007

Honeymoon Pictures: 2007

And, yeah. We haven't really been on any "just us" trip since then. So, we thought it'd be a fun tradition... to take a picture like that on our different adventures throughout the years.

Ah. And these pictures tell me something. They tell me we are better together.


  1. like banana pancakes

  2. I've been loving reading about your little get-away. You two are so cute together. :)

  3. Is your favorite pose so you can show the camera your "best" side? : )
    I agree...nothing like the sand, sun and water at the beach!

  4. sarah-- thanks! :)

    rach--i don't know how to respond... except to say i could tell you the "why"--but then i'd have to kill ya.


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