Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the love boat: pt. 2 -- eatin'.fixin',shoppin'.--

After a wonderful night of cozy sleep (first night with a heater other than my hotter than hott hubby ;) in a long time!) we awoke to an icy world.

Yeah, yeah. Call me melodramatic. That ice ain't nothin'--unless you are like us... and planning to go to the beach! Haha.

One thing I majorly miss in Mexico is American breakfast foods: pancakes (blueberry, namely); biscuits and gravy; American sausage. Yum!

So, we went to Denny's.

Yes... I did eat all of this. And wished I'd ordered more sausage links:

We went by the auto parts store, because Rey had to get new brake pads for the car (in some future post, I will have to tell you about all the work the van has had done in the last couple months. She's as bad as a Hollywood actress... Atrocious.)

While Rey was taking off and putting on brake pads (yup--he's capable like that), I got our room cleaned up, mail sorted and packed. Did I say mail? Ah, yes! Wonderful, beautiful mail. We get it about 3 times a year:

And, you'll see, there were some lovely surprise gifts for Aleni's first birthday. Thanks, everyone!! :-D

We got on the road about 2:30 pm, which obviously is kind of a late start to the day. But, our van was braking on a dime. (Hmm. I think it's "turning on a dime". But, you know.)

We headed to ye ole Walmart.

Yes. It was insanely windy.

We got our shopping and the Glick's shopping done. Went back to the thrift stores. Got our mail mailed.

By then, the sun was setting and the temperature was plummeting. We had thought we'd go to Texas Roadhouse for supper, before heading to South Padre Island for the night. (Did I mention some people had paid for us to stay the night at a hotel there? In the interest of "not letting the right hand know what the left hand does", I won't name names. Or point fingers. I'll just say that they are great people and their name rhymes with "click". That's all.)

However, being Friday night, we found the parking lot of the Roadhouse to be totally packed... so, we decided to go across the street to Golden Corral. Maybe not as glamorous, but that place has food. It was our first time going, and the happiest part of all for me was they had rolls that were almost identical to the Roadhouse's rolls (which is practically why I go to the Roadhouse!). And, since we had an hour and a half drive to get to the island, we were happy we weren't having to wait hours to get served.

This picture is funny because Rey is (unknowingly) pushing my head back and down as he is clicking the shutter. Hee hee.

Surprisingly enough, neither one of us refilled our plates. (I love Rey's plate. Yeah. This is how real men eat. Haha. And, yes. Rey did basically empty the bottle of hot sauce by the time we left.).

This is what the roads looked like as we raced our way to the Island:

Pulling into our destination:

It was actually a good thing we didn't get there much earlier, because the guy at the front desk said the hotel had only just got their power back a couple hours before. It had been out all day because of the ice storm. That would have been a cold night for us!

Rey is so happy to be taking the obligatory "location" shot:


  1. How fun! I gobbled up every word and every picture. So sad that you couldn't do the beach thang, though. I'll bet that would have been a really fun treat.

    But all in all, it sounds like it was a really productive day with a nice getaway at the end of it.

    PS... I like Golden Corral, too. Because it is a buffet. Not that I can eat more than say... two plates of food before they have to turn me sideways and roll me outta there. (I said the two plates part really, really quiet so you couldn't hear it.) But yeah. I like that place just because there are SO many choices!

  2. charlene-- you made me laugh with all your whispering. ;) yes-- we did realize we could spot the "regulars" (due to the "rolling")...haha!


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