Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the love boat: my companion.

Me loves him.

As I write this tale of our adventures, I would be oh-so-wrong not to talk about the man I took with me. Cuz he's a keeper. And he's real nice 'n handsome. And he can pretty much fix anything. And he's got a killer smile. And he drives like nobody's business. And he's my valentine.

A week or so ago, I was doing some much-needed cleaning in the office, and ran across a list of "Why I Love Rey Sánchez". I wrote it back in 2006, before we were married, when I was trying to tell someone just how great this guy was.
And, as I read the list, I had to smile.

He still is a great guy.

The List:
--He is one of the most genuine people I have ever met.
--He loves God above and before all else.
--He has taught me so much (and continues to teach me) about honesty, humility, earnestness and contentment.
--There is hardly anything that excites him as much as talking about God's Word or talking about God with people.
--He has a good testimony with all who know him.
--He is gentle and steady.
--He gives his advice, but not before first listening carefully. Then, he chooses his words with care.
--He does not care what other people think about him in relation to his walk with Jesus. He is an amazing example to me of continuing on in hardship without growing weary or bitter.
--He loves people and life.
--He is a very hard worker.
--He is responsible, conscientious and punctual.
--He makes me laugh.
--He puts others' needs before his own.
--He has a very sensitive ear to the guiding of the Holy Spirit and a willingness to act... and because of this, he has been used a lot in and out of his church.
--He is a true servant.
--He has a true "forgetfulness of self" that allows him to move freely, enjoying what he has, instead of being consumed with himself and with what he "lacks" or "could have".

As I read this, I sure am glad I was right about "this guy"--being as I had really only physically seen him like 5 times before we got married! ;)

Love you, baby!

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