Friday, February 18, 2011

late afternoon at the plaza

We love our plaza.

You probably know that many Mexican cities are 100's of years old, and are built out around a plaza that is usually about as old as the city. I think the downtown plaza is about my favorite spot in any Mexican city, and it's no different here in Fresnillo.

It's not like it's "that big of a deal". But, it's fun to go there late afternoon... sit on one of the benches and watch the world go by. There are usually a bunch of elderly folks sitting on other benches, chatting, feeding the pigeons, or just sitting. There are usually little stands to buy snacks from and/or ice cream stores. There is usually music.

It's just a nice place to relax while Noah goes crazy chasing pigeons and Aleni tries to keep up with him. We generally go about once a week, when the weather is nice.

We haven't gone for a long time because it has been too cold and windy... but, it was finally nice enough the other day and we went. I'd missed it.

Noah checking up on the girlfriend:

He always gets sooo excited about the prospect of "eye keem" (ice cream). But, once he gets it, he usually takes a lick or so and then lets it melt all over his hands. Unless momma helps out. Hey, I know. It's big of me. But, I'm a mother. It's what I do. ;)

He swapped me for my chips:

My gorgeous fam enjoying the afternoon:

The story of Aleni's life: "Noah won't eat it?? Gimmee!"

Chasing pigeons (one little girl about his age was screaming, "Nooo, niño, noooooo!" I hope she wasn't too scarred...)

Aleni... always wanting to get in on what brother's doing... Go, Aleni, Go!!

Rey found some nice lighting for these shots. They are so indicative of Aleni's personality: All motion and determination. This face is one she makes a lot, and it always cracks me up:


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