Friday, January 21, 2011


Noah has had a rough week.

Friday, he opened the back door and stood there watching the dogs. Unfortunately, it was a mega-super windy day and the door was slammed shut by a huge gust... right on his big toe. Ouch. It made me cringe just to see it. It was bleeding where the nail met the skin, and of course he cried good and loud. But, he got over it pretty quick and didn't complain about it.

Fast forward to Monday. I am washing dishes and I hear Noah go out the front door to play in the yard. Then, I hear a "I'm really hurt" cry and go running to see what happened. Noah was laying on the ground, blood pouring from his nose and mouth. Apparently, he'd been running, snagged his toe on something and fell face first onto daddy's metal tool box. Major ouch. There was blood everywhere and no, Noah did not want us trying to clean him up or check for missing teeth. He got over his injuries before I did.

Then, last night, Noah was playing in the living room and I was folding laundry in the bedroom. I hear the front door open... and Noah start screaming. Daddy had come home early and had excitedly thrown the front door open to yell, "I'm home!" What he didn't know, is Noah was standing just inside the door, ready to go out. The door had been thrown open... right over his big toe. The same big toe the door had slammed on. It was bleeding again. Looks like he'll loose the nail. Again, he cried... but went on with life.

That's what I call macho.

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  1. What a story of grief and woe! Poor little guy!
    I saw Breck's mom at Gab's ball game last night and she said she goes to a church in Morton that sent a work team to you. As they told about it at small group, one thing lead to another and they were telling about Rey coming up and staying with some people that had some kind of a business that he worked at and she realized it was us and she said that's my sons in laws! You know exactly who I'm talking about, don't you?


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