Saturday, January 1, 2011

I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

While on a roll with our dining set chairs... I decided to go ahead and re-do an antique chair I bought maybe 6 years ago--with every intention of doing it over! Ha... so, it only took a few years...

Writing on the bottom of this chair indicate that it was made around 1930 sometime. That is so exciting to me.

Do you like Canela's posing in the background??

Closer look at the fabric shows just how much this baby needed a makeover:

So, we took off the fabric from the back and took off the seat. Then we sanded.... here she be, all ready for primering:

While paint dried, I worked on the seat. It was just basically fabric over wood, and wanted to plump it up a bit. The only thing I could find was an old, soft baby blanket. It also made me think it'd be a way of keeping the blanket in the family a little bit longer... haha.

So, I laid the seat face down on the blanket and traced around it with a magic marker.

Then, I just cut out the circle...

That pattern could've made for a cute chair, but the fabric was too thick for that... so, I used more of the same fabric that I used for the dining chairs. That fabric is smooth and shiney on one side and kind of soft and velvety on the other. Since this chair "goes" in Aleni's room, I decided to try the soft side for this chair. You'll see later....

I decided to leave the back fabric-less. 2 reasons: 1. I like the lines of the chair, and 2. I think the craftsmanship necessary for doing that back was a little out of my league at this point.

Here's the curvy gal all primered up.

I have to admit that it almost felt sacrilegious to paint over an antique... but, oh well. And, I hope no one tries to sand it back down to just wood... because it has about 6 coats of paint on it! *Gasp!* See, I thought I'd just do a white chair with the grey seat... but, after 2 coats of white it looked really "cold" to me like that. So, then I thought I'd use that "mocha" color I used for the dining room table to warm things up. After 1 coat of the mocha, I remembered that Aleni's crib is white, and that maybe those 2 colors wouldn't go together well. So, I landed on the yellow that was left over from Noah's room. That took about 2 1/2 coats to cover well. Ah, the joys of indecisiveness.

So, the color turned out somewhat "canary yellow" (hence "Tweety Bird's putty tat"). I really wish I'd had a cuter fabric for the seat (more little girl's room)... but, maybe later.

Here's the final product (sorry for the blurriness of the picture):

What do you think? Is the yellow too blinding? Or is it just what her lime and blue room needed?? Would you have left the back open??

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  1. Another great project! I think the yellow looks lovely against the green, and I completely agree with your decision to leave the back open. It looks much cuter with all those back curves on display.

    The only thing I think that would improve it would be some green and blue fabric to tie in with the walls more. Like you said, maybe later!


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