Wednesday, January 12, 2011

celebrating baby girl.

We still can't believe that Aleni has been with us a whole year. The time as totally flown by.

Her year in pictures...

The night she was born (to read more about that night, click here):
January 10, 2010
9:15 pm
6.5 lbs.

1 month old:

2 months old:

3 months old:

4 months old:
5 months old:
(It looks like she is crying, but she's actually making the "raspberry" sound... we lost our camera around this time and this is the only 5 month pic I could find). :)

6 months old:
7 months old:
8 months old:
9 months old:
(with her one and only blankie! why did she have to pick the ugliest one?? hah!)

10 months old:
11 months old:
12 months old:
(Taking her "Birthday Princess" role very seriously)

She currently has 8 teeth, is crawling everywhere and loves clambering up, up, up. She thinks her brother is the coolest thing there is and loves to be outside. She is a strong, determined little lady and loves to rough up the pets. She isn't too much for snuggling--there are too many places to go--but, she is a very loving, gentle girl. She has about 100 faces, great eyebrow control and is unflappably pleasant. She is very decisive and doesn't mind change.

Aleni, my love. You have brought only joy to our home. Our prayer for you is that you continue to be determined, strong, happy and loving. That you would become a woman whose light shines brightly for Jesus and whose strength of character sets an example in her generation!

We love you to the moon and back!


  1. its crazy how you can see their progression month by month, but its also sad because shes not a baby anymore :(

  2. She is so adorable!!! It's funny, because at the end, I thought you said, "You have brought the only joy to our home", and thought, "wow! I hope Noah and Rey never see this! : )


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