Thursday, December 30, 2010

i hope you are sitting down for this.

Haha. I made a funny. Because, I thought you might want to see where literally every minute of this week has gone (or so it seems): To fixing, painting and re-doing our dining room chairs!

Take a look at the journey:

Here's how we received our [free] dining room chairs. Great bones, as some say. But, I am sure they had at least 10 yrs of use in them, maybe more. And the legs were very brittle... we ended up with 3 of the 7 being out of commission rather quickly.

While Rey worked on the carpentry side of the up-do, I attacked the cushions.

No, that hole isn't from my attack. It was like that pre-attack. And, it allows you to see some of the icky factor.

Happily, we had quite a bit left over from the material we used for the lining of Noah and Aleni's curtains... so, I decided to use that for the new fabric.

Here she is in progress...

You'll have to keep waiting for the results. Because I said.

Here's my manly man taking the sander to the old girl:

Looking like a war horse after its sanding and Rey's installing of an extra brace between those front two legs. Poor thing is even missing an "ear"...

Onto the priming... for which I had two very good helpers:

Dontcha love Noah's bored expression? Like, "Sigh... I do this all the time, but mom's such a camera hog..."

The white paint was left over from doing Aleni's crib. I had a different color in mind for the chairs, but doing the chairs over for free was looking pretty attractive. I remembered that we had some dark green paint left over. I needed to have enough paint for 8 chairs, so I figured adding white and some yellow (leftover from Noah's room) to that might be my best bet.

Are ya ready??

Ya wanna see the finished product, do ya?

Well, since you asked so nicely:

I really, really like how it all came together! And I really, really like how it cost 0 dollars and 0 cents.

But, alas. I must go now. I still have three more chairs to go!!


  1. I'm impressed!!!!!! You are the greatest!!!!

  2. Awesome! I wouldn't have been brave enough to mix the paint colors, but it turned out so nicely!

  3. thanks so much, everyone! :)

  4. They look really great! I love how the green mimics the curtains.


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