Sunday, November 14, 2010

Noah & Aleni's Rooms.... Revealed

(Take a deep breath, my friend... you are reading this blog's 100th post! Ok-- now, you can read on...) ;)

Enjoy checking out these pictures of our "befores and afters" of Noah and Aleni's rooms. We were so blessed to have help from Connie and Marilee from New Life Church in Morton, IL.

Noah's room first:

It was a robust mix of dark brown on bottom and hot pink on top:

Here it is primered:

Annnnnnnd, here's the cheery yellow-orange it is now. (Don't those curtains, sewn by auntie dear, look so great?) :) The room is so happy now... I am planning on doing light gray ceilings later.

Here are the lovely (and tired) workers:

Noah's big boy bed. I should've done a panoramic shot of the room so you could get the whole effect. Ah, well. There will be more pictures.

The little fella conked out on the couch while waiting for his room.

And, now Aleni's room:

The drab and boring brown it was:

Connie is modeling another angle of the before room.

Got me some inspiration... and looooove this room now:

Remember these pillows I made?? Well, I made them with Aleni's room in mind and love how perfectly they go with the walls.

So, that's where we are now with the kiddos rooms. Got me all kinds of plans. I want to do Noah's room in a "transportation" theme. I'm thinking of going with all kinds of things that move, most likely antique versions of cars, bikes, trains, etc. In Aleni's room, I want to do the pastel jungle animals. (Limes, pinks, aquas). We have a height chart in that theme and she loooves staring at the animals. Should be fun!


  1. Both rooms look SO GREAT! I especially love Aleni's "clara" room though. Can't wait to see what else you do with them!

    Oh, and congrats on 100. I just hit my 100 too! :)

  2. Wow, they did a great job!
    It looks so nice. : )

  3. What a nice job they did! I especially like the quilt in the bed. Did someone make it for her?

  4. Beautiful colors I could really dream some happy dreams in these rooms Good JOB good and faithful servant.

  5. thanks, everyone!!

    anon-- we actually got that quilt for free in a stack of other things. :)But, I do think it was handmade.. it has the look. :)


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