Tuesday, November 2, 2010

in which one learns how we roll... or don't roll...

This is how we rolled today. Yes, that is Noah. And, yes he is as free and easy as the day God gave him to me. Chalk it up to potty training, but these days he refuses to stay clothed and spends his days streaking around así (like this).

On a topic less likely to raise eyebrows... what about that Laners? Isn't she so big sitting up by herself?

Just too cute. I might have to gobble her up. Smooch, smooch, smooch.

On the matter of not rolling... Guess who has suddenly decided leaving the house is about the worst thing ever? (Discrete finger pointing towards the boy of the house).

Yeah, really odd. But, it can literally become a huge process of dragging a screaming guy out of the house and forcing him to go on a walk/to the park/to get a snack/whatever other horrible outing.

He does, however, go most willingly with daddy-O. Above, he climbed up in the car and was waiting for Rey to get in so they could ride off into the sunset.

Somehow they looked so much cuter than this in real life. More like, "Yay, we get to go out into man-world and do man-things." Here, they look more like, "Oh, great, just when you think you've gotten away..."


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