Monday, November 15, 2010

getting emotional.

Naners, 1 week old

So, it's that time. Weaning. Sniff. I can't believe how sad I feel about it this time around. I literally feel like I'm loosing something dear to me.

Noah never liked nursing, and I ended up pumping and giving him bottles. It was a constant struggle to feel like he was getting enough to eat and I was keeping my sanity.

Aleni has been a good nurser from the beginning. I guess I just feel like it is such a sweet momma-daughter time before she goes to bed. I guess the obvious question is: Why wean, then? Well, we recently found that Aleni is pretty underweight for her age group and were told that possibly what she was getting from me wasn't nutritional enough for her age.

Also, I have been feeling soooo drained of strength and energy the last couple months, and wonder if nursing could have something to do with it.

Another thing is, for a while now... Aleni has been waking up every hour or 2 to eat. Talk about a loooong night. So, that kind of confirmed to us that maybe she was hungry.

I've been trying to get Aleni to take something in a bottle or cup for a long time, and she seemed to know not to give up on the good stuff. ;) So, I've just been continuing to nurse and continuing to offer "other options".

When Aleni decides to leave something behind, she just does it. It was literally from one day to the next that she transitioned from Gerbers to finger food. And, now I have almost a week's worth of Gerbers in the cupboard that she won't touch.

Yesterday, Rey was playing with Aleni, and she grabbed one of Noah's bottles and just started slurping it down. So, I quickly heated up some milk and swapped bottles. She drank just fine. Since then, Rey has laid her down for her naps with her bottle. She has done totally fine.

I didn't want to give her the bottle for the first couple times, so she wouldn't get confused. This last nap she took, I was the one who gave her the bottle and she didn't even think twice about bottle or nursing. She just guzzled down the bottle and went to sleep.

Aww. My baby is growing up. Sniff.


  1. Awww... that is a tough transition but I'm glad Aleni handled it well! was just looking at your family pics you posted on fb last week- She has changed so much since you were at our house! blessings, friend!
    julia (

  2. hey, thanks for your encouragement, julia! yes--aleni's definitely in the crawling and getting into everything stage! so fun.


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