Tuesday, November 16, 2010

furniture facelifts.

Yes. Around here, just about there is any time the kiddos are locked away in their rooms--paint brushes come out.

I know you saw Aleni's crib in her "room reveal"... but, you just gotta appreciate the sweat and tears that went into it.

We got this crib for $20 on craigslist about 18 months ago. I have wanted to paint it white since then... but, Noah was using it every day and I knew it would be a several day project. Now that he transitioned into his big boy bed, I figured this would be the best time to do it--before Aleni got it.

Here's what we started out with:

I started primering it during a nap time. That nap time was cut short, and this crib stayed like this for about 2 weeks (not outside... but, half-painted):

Then the fine ladies from New Life came along and finished primering... and helped kick me back into gear. Say it with me: Spindles of doom. Seriously. This thing took forever to paint because of those crevice-filled things.

But, in the end... I was happy:

Yes, yes. I know. You've already seen this picture. But, hey. It's my blog. So, there.

The other furniture make-over we just finished was our dining room table.

You may remember when some good friends gifted us this dining room set...

Here we were still in the middle of tearing into the dining room walls also.

So, I decided to paint over the lovely lady. Before you gasp in righteous indignation at the mere thought of desecrating wood with paint... let me point out this table had seen better days.

It needed paint. Nay, I say, it cried out for paint.

I decided on a mocha color, echoing the color of some of the flowers in the dining room curtains. (Oopsie, you're also getting a sneak peak on what's going on in our dining room decorating these days too!)

Isn't it just a delicious color? I kept feeling the urge for Starbucks as I painted.... Here she is after the first coat:

Why yes, I do keep a rattle nearby for those little times I need a pick-me-up. Always. Thank you.

Both Rey and I agreed that we felt like we were doing the wood a favor by painting it. It was sooo dried out and bleached looking.

It took us 3 coats of paint and one of varnish, but here she be in all her radiant glory:

We are really happy with it, and have mad plans for the chairs and the condiment/napkins holders. All in due time.


  1. LOVE the dining table! We got ours at Salvation Army for $10 and primed it white then painted it yellow and distressed it. Making old furniture fun is WAY cooler than buying new ;)

  2. wow... distressing stuff is a little above our level, I think! sounds like it would look really cool. yes--taking the ugly and making it purty is definitely better!


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