Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You Have NO Idea... excited we were to find it! An indoor place-place with all kinds of slide, swings, padding, playhouses, balls, riding toys, mazes... What??! Am I in the US?

I have been looking/wishing for something like this forever, it seems. I've asked around and no one here knew of such a place (I think it was all an evil conspiracy to keep me on the outside. O mean, when I asked the lady in charge if the place was new, she said it's been there for about 20 years! Come on, people! haha). Enter my new friend, Ruth. SHE was willing to let me in on the good news.

Here's some shots of the kiddos loving every second:

Getting in on the action!


Mmm... nothing like taking a break from running around to stuff your face with watermelon!

He loved posing like this...

Chillin' with daddy!

Running around like crazy people!

More carousel!

The inside of the carousel umbrella was painted with stars, and he's all about them stars.

Oh, golly Miss Molly. He's so handsome. My heart just stopped. But, I'm ok now.

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