Wednesday, October 27, 2010

my girl

So, my baby girl is zooming up to her tenth month! I seriously cannot believe it... she is such a joy to have around that time with her flies by!

Here's what she's doing these days:

She has always been a ham. She makes the cheesiest expressions and gets super excited when she's seems someone she likes/knows.

She always wants to be where Noah is, doing what he is doing. Last night at church, she got really agitated when Noah "got" to go stand with the Glicks and she had to keep hanging out with us.

She is SO quick to pick up on things. Usually, if she sees something once--she is all over trying to do it herself.

She has 2 teeth on the bottom and is sooo close to busting out with 2 or 3 more on the top. I can't wait for them to break through--they look so painful.

She is Miss Determined... Miss Independent. She doesn't usually fuss or whine, but she doesn't let anything get in the way of what she wants.

My goodness she is a good eater (from these pictures, it looks like she lives in her high chair). She is like a little vacuum cleaner. Whatever is on her tray gets scooped up and shoveled in without much examination. After having "Mr Pickiest Eater in the World" as my #1 baby, she makes me shake my head in amazement and breathe a sigh of relief. She is also really good about taking her time to chew things, and not choke. I'm always worried, because she doesn't really stop to chew until she has her mouth packed full, but then she starts working away on it. The other day she had banana, some veggies and some bread pieces in there--and at the end all that was in her mouth was a piece of broccoli. That's what I call good sorting!

She is generally mild-mannered and pleasant. She's not the "exaggerating" type. If she is hurt, tired or upset--she'll let us know. But, usually in a very "controlled" (or "easy-to-calm") way.

She says "mama", "dada", and "baba". I am sure without knowing what they mean. She also loves to imitate the "meow" of kitty. And she thinks it's really funny if she squawks really loud and we imitate it. She also likes making "raspberries" and clicking noises with her tongue. Daddy predicts she'll talk early. (Oh, please, dear Lord. Let it be...) ;)

She isn't really the kind of baby that loves being passed around, but usually lets people hold her (as long as they keep her distracted and she doesn't see mom or dad!).

She is scooting all over the place on her belly. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks all the time... but, so far that's about as close to "real crawling" as she's gotten. She also sits alone pretty well.

She loves to play hide-and-seek. I'll put her in her walker and then "hide" behind a wall or a piece of furniture and she'll come running over to find me. She gets so excited when she sees me that she can hardly stand it.

She LOVES playing in the grass. I don't love her playing in the grass so much, because all she wants to do is eat whatever grass, dirt, thing she can find!

She thinks it's funny when daddy tickles her.

She is usually really good about getting herself to sleep, and puts up with being out and about even when she'd rather be in her bed.

This blanket is a must for sleeping. She is making that face because I had the audacity to lay her down for a nap while the blanket was drying on the line. She valiantly tried to go to sleep, and then just wailed in frustration. I took her out to the line, and she grabbed onto this blanket and wouldn't let go. :)

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