Saturday, October 23, 2010


Three big things have happened in Noah-world this week:

HE TOLD ME, "I LOVE YOU" ALL BY HIMSELF. We were singing in church, and he wandered over and gave me a hug. I squatted down to hug him back and said, "I love you," into my hair. Melted my heart. He's never said it without me having said it first.

HE WENT TO THE POTTYYYYY!! Wow, he is such a funny kid. I always said that with his perfectionist and individualistic personality, he was just going to wake up and pee in the potty.... when HE wanted to. That's basically what happened. After me trying to teach him the concept many times since he was about 18 mos... this week he just got on the potty and went. Very calmly. He actually seemed a little embarrassed by his mom's huge show of excitement. "I mean reeeealllyyyy, mom..."

HE IS IN A BIG BOY BED. Hmmm. We'll see how "happy" of a thing this is! I'm envisioning a child wandering around the house at 3 am... Fun! Right.

This picture cracks me up.
Noah surveying his bed before Rey put on rails and I painted it.

The finished product. Man, Rey is good! :)

Noah, checking it out.
With blankey, bear and Thomas the Train cover, of course.

The bed was actually ready to go last night, but Noah is not a guy big on change and he freaked out when I tried to take the crib out of his room. So, he slept in his crib, next to his big boy bed. Tonight, I put him into his big boy bed, with the crib still in his room. So far, no noises or feet pattering around the house. That makes me happy.

Other things that make me happy about my Noah.

--When I find him asleep in the exact same position I laid him down in. It just tells me this little guy has played until the last drop of energy was out and that was it.

--I love his beautiful dimples, big smile and crazy hair.

--Love hearing him shout, "God's not dead, He's aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!" al0ng with the Donut Man.

--His goofy impersonations of things.

--Oh, mylanta... his eyelashes.

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  1. LOVE the bed! It turned out wonderfully! Glad he had a successful first night. What a big boy!!!



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