Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Adoorned.

Ugh. I know you are rolling your eyes and looking for nearby rotten tomatoes to throw in my direction. Sorry, I just had to misspell adorned. It wasn't even that punny. Okkkkk... I'll quit. For real.

What I've got for you today is a bunch of doors. Start off with our full-of-potential-yet-sad front doors. Can you believe how cool these doors are? They're HUGE and they had the cool paneled thing going on. But, that color did nothing for them.

I've always wanted a red front door, but--wouldn't work with the peachy-orange we've got as our house color. I almost was going to go for a bold blue color... but then backed down when I saw a picture of my aunt and cousin in front of an Italian restaurant that had these color doors:

Yummy! Please notice the absence of the decrepit rose bush in the tree row... and the beginnings of a purty lawn.

Of course, gotta check out the back of the door--it's a whole wall!

That handsome fella posing with the broom in the before shot is my brother Ben. Hi, Ben!

Ben, working his magic on the doors.

The inside of the doors now! (Uh-oh! You can see the entry-way/living room yellow in this picture. Total spoiler for the reveal.) :-P

Here's a bad-quality shot of the back/kitchen door before it was attacked with the paint brush.

The back door now:

Love how it totally changes the whole kitchen. (Prospective visitors will be relieved to know that our exits are now easily distinguishable from all other doors in case a speedy escape becomes necessary).

The bathroom doors must not be left out. Now, in this picture, you will see that our bathroom doors are sliding doors made of ugly grayish-white plastic. Don't ask me why they decided sliding (unlatchable) doors were the way to go.

But, that was not the most frightening aspect about these doors. Look what happens when it is brighter in the bathroom that it is outside the bathroom door.

Oh, yes. We can see you. See what you're doing where. One handy thing was you never had to knock to know if the bathroom was occupied. However, it was scaring off visitors.

So, it had to get painted. Went at it with some gray spray paint:

I had thought I wanted to trace that diamond-ish pattern already in the plastic with yellow. However, that looked like it would be hooooouuuurrrs of work and I remembered liking this idea.

We couldn't find any sponge brushes like the lady used for her tray... so I got creative. Cut up a new spongey-scrubber I had in the kitchen:

It worked out just fine. The pattern isn't exactly like the other lady's--but I really like it. It looks like a bamboo fence to me:

The plan is to do that same pattern on the interior of the other sliding door. (I was afraid of paint getting rubbed off if I did it on the front of both doors) I think that "bamboo fence door" is just begging for a potted plant in front of it.

What about you? Are doors a big deal for you?


  1. wow you've made some progress since i left :) good stuff

  2. Looks loverly!!!
    I really like the door color against the bright yellow...nice contrast!
    Ben DOES look like a magician with that mustachio. : )

  3. ben--it's been rough w/o ya... sniff... but we trudge onwards...

    rach--thanks! and... indeeeeed... mr mustachio


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