Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Entry/Living Room Reveal

So, here are the glorious "before" shots:

Looking in the front door:

What's with the little bit of green tile sticking out of the bathroom and visually chopping up the room?

Cheap paint + water damage =

Give me some color!

I knew I wanted to do the warm coffee-shop reds and yellows. I found a picture I loved: It had red walls, brown ceiling, and a yellow accent wall. That was the plan until I remembered the tile is red and decided it might become a red overload.

So, I switched it up. Yellow walls, green-brown ceiling, red accents.

And here is a panoramic of what we have now, ladies and gents. (No, the floor isn't really warped. That's the camera-operator's fault. Don't be judgin'.)

Looking in the front door:

(Psst... don't tell the landlady I painted over her tile. She probably won't even notice.)

Looking from the back of the living room towards the front door:

A view of the walls and ceiling.

Now... what to put on the walls....??


  1. It looks 100 times better! Great work! I especially like what you did with the bathroom wall and doors.

  2. It looks beautiful!!! All of your hard work paid off! No wonder Rey needs a week to recover! ; )

  3. Wow, great job!!! I saw a rug the other day at a garage sale that would look awesome in there. You have really transformed that whole space!

    Oh, and how is that book you're reading on parenting? I have a strong willed little girl on my hands!

  4. how's you do all that????!!!!

  5. Yeah! BTW, thank you so much for the books! (I just got them finally this week... ha ha!)

  6. Wow Liz, what a transformation. I'm seriously impressed... you have mad painting skills, woman! :)

    I agree with what J-Momma said about a rug. That would be a nice accent to the room.

    Art on the walls? Oh man, I immediately thought of something like this:

    You could make it yourself and it would be very inexpensive. Just change the color scheme of the fabrics to match your room, and you only need sheets of scrapbooking paper or little scraps of fabric to do it, maybe 1/4 yard of each design.

  7. thanks so much, everyone!

    jenn-i KNOW!! a rug, a ruugggg!! :) really needs it... someday! I also would love to get a coffee table of sorts there...for playing games o resting feet during movie times.. ;)ah! i am almost done with the book... will put up a post about it. it's my boy who is the strong willed one.

    ben--haha! coming from a guy who knows how impossible it is to find painting time around here. it was mostly late-night painting...some naptimes... some mornings that rey would take noah... :)

    ellen--glad you got the books! actually was gonna ask you when i read your book reviews yesterday. feel bad they weren't more... wasn't sure what to send!

    charlene--thanks for the link. i LOVE what i saw. i actually was thinking about framing some fabric pieces... and this is better because i don't have to buy frames!! :-D :-D


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