Friday, September 17, 2010

You Explain It

Noah has entered into a new stage of development: Caring what clothes he wears.

He has always been a very "tactile sensitive" kid, so I'm used to him being picky. But, this stage is more that he is noticing that his shirts have different pictures or designs on them.

He points out animals...he notices if there are numbers or letters. He would wear his Thomas the Train t-shirt every day if he could (in fact--if I call out from a different part of the house that I have said shirt in my hand, he shouts "Cooooool!" and comes running).

However, there is one "Noah Mystery" I have yet to understand.

I present these two shirts:

You could probably literally count the difference between the two on one hand, right? I mean, they are actually the same shirt (same brand)--just one is 2T and one is 3T.

Welll, my friends. They are definitely NOT the same shirt. No, no, no. Because, you see, the red shirt goes on without even a glance.

The grey shirt? Every single time I put it on, Noah looks down. Sees it's the dreaded grey shirt. Begins to clutch at it and say, "Help, help, help" (nice way of saying, "Get this disgusting thing off of me!"). And, if the shirt isn't removed--he melts into a screaming, sweating, slobbering mess. I've left it on for long periods of time to see if he'll forget. But, he's not the forgetting kind.

So, the poor grey shirt does not often see the light of day. Maybe one of these days, we'll pull it out again. Like when Noah's in college. Then he can explain to me what was going on.

PS--I'd thought I had a few moments to post this, since Aleni was down for a nap and Noah was watching Blues Clues. As I was finishing, I heard Aleni crying. "Strange," I thought, "She usually sleeps longer than this." I walk into her room, to find Noah and the dog looking over the edge of Aleni's pack-and-play. Noah was sweetly telling baby she was ok... When I looked into the crib, I saw that Aleni was surrounded by books. Poor Baby was awakened by a book bonking. I'm outta here.


  1. I know EXACTLY why. The grey shirt isn't from Ash and Colin. Mystery solved! : )
    Hope Aleni's head has recovered. Now she'll have a book phobia that she won't be able to explain. : )

  2. Ahhh haaaa! You are probably right! There are very few things that aren't from his that makes sense. ;)
    I know... poor Aleni. Already getting beat up by big bro.


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