Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just quickly: A fun project

Got me some inspiration a while back. But, I couldn't really do anything with it, because I hadn't seen any cloth place mats at the stores here. They all seemed to be either plastic or that rubbery/spongey stuff.
Then, I found these on a clearance endcap a couple of days ago. They were about $0.50 a piece!

I had some decrepit old pillows I'd thought about throwing away--and then had saved for just this very thing.
I opened up a couple inches of the seam and started stuffing!
The finished project on Noah's couch (Did I mention he is officially the coolest toddler ever? He has his own couch!).
I made 4 pillows all together (2 of this pattern, 2 of the flower pattern in the first picture). It was a very straight-forward project. The only thing I wished was that I'd had more "stuffing". But, they are fine... and it came out to be 4 decorative pillows for about $2! Can't beat that.


  1. Have you organized your new place yet? I want to see! :)

  2. Hey, Ellen! well, it's a lot more organized--but still pretty "in between"... I have pictures of the progress on FB...I'll probably put "before and after" pictures up here as we get each room actually FINISHED. ;)


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