Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For your sake: No Pictures

The whole house smells like vomit. And diarrhea. And, rightfully so.

Aleni's bed had been vomited in. 3 times. Noah's bed has been vomited in. Once... so far. Our bedroom has been vomited in. Two times. The kitchen has been vomited in, once. Noah's floor has been covered in vomit--twice. The office, check. We've really only managed to avoid the livingroom--but, I'm sure everyone is carrying a bit about on their feet, so--you fill it in. Eww and grossness. Add to that the stinky diaper every hour or so...and you have a regular fest of explosive sights, smells and goop.

Just before typing these words, I finished cleaning up Noah's before-going-to-bed-gift. Yes, he came whimpering to me, grabbed my sleeve and let 'er rip. Do you know how hard it is to clean slightly-processed ramen noodle soup from the carpet? And your own shorts and flip-flops?

Aleni started vomiting Monday around 7 pm and then vomited about every hour until 4 am. She finally was able to sleep around 5 am. No sleep for momma! We slept ok last night. (Taking turns on the floor in her room). She seemed a little better today, just diarrhea--but then ended the evening with an emptying of the stomach on the kitchen floor.

Noah has seemed fine--just a little tired--until he woke up from his nap. He woke up, filled his crib with the fun stuff, and then his bedroom floor. He seemed chipper after that--until repeated the stomach-emptying about an hour ago.

My poor babies.

Poor me. ;) I have a stack of laundry about 4 foot high (not exaggerating) to fold put away. Thankfully, we had sun today so I could somewhat keep on top of the washing/drying. I need to finish scrubbing this newest spot on the carpet. I need to douse all the floors with bleach water. I haven't changed out of these clothes that have been spit-up on maybe 3 times. And a shower? Whoooaaa. That seems overwhelming right now. I would like some supper, but don't want to make anything. Boohoo for me, right?

On the happy side--my bro Ben gets in bright and early tomorrow morning. I hope my hunch is WRONG and that we don't have a long night of cleaning up messes ahead of us. And, I hope everyone gets better so we can just focus on enjoying Uncle Ben time! And, I really hope Uncle Ben doesn't get any unwanted souvenirs from his niece and nephew!!

Over and out.


  1. : ( Glad Uncle Benny is coming...those extra pair of arms are just what you need!
    Be sure to keep lots of fluids in the kids (we get the Pedalyte stuff that's made specially for when they're losing it out both ends. Maybe gatorade would be similar if you don't have pedalyte in MX?)
    Hope last night wasn't too bad...

  2. Oh no! :( Hang in there, Liz! Hope the kiddos get over this bug soon! Prayin' for ya...

  3. Oh yeah, and I like your new blog layout!

  4. rach-- yeah, uncle ben came along at just the right time. we do have pedialyte--it is just so impossible to get INTO them!

    sarah--we are just about all better... the other 3 have all been sick with something or other. hopefully, i'll stay out of "the fun"...thanks for liking the layout! :)


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