Monday, August 9, 2010

Just so you know:

Reasons why tonight, at Noah's bathtime, I had to fight the urge to dip him in hand sanitizer:

--He splashed through a puddle of who-knows-what on our afternoon walk, then picked up a bottle floating there and dumped its contents down the front of his shirt

--While playing outside in just a diaper, he laid in the "bunny straw" behind bunny's cage. I'm sure straw wasn't the only thing in that pile.

--He sunbathed and rolled around with the dog on the dog blanket. Have you SEEN dog blankets?

--He tried to lap up water off the ground when he was playing in his kiddie pool

--When I was changing his diaper, he stuck his hand "down there"--and then stuck his finger in his mouth

--He thoroughly enjoyed eating watermelon... along with whatever else was stuck to his hands

On to snuggle time, right??? Boys, boys, boys. :)

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