Thursday, August 12, 2010

Inspired and Enviable

Oh, yes. Enviable. Ya see, Rey has been starting off these last few days by saying, "So, what are you going to do with your 3 free hours today??" He is referring to naptime... and he is encouraging me to get out of the house during that time. I thought once a week was huge--but every day? Come on, now. A girl could get spoiled.

Now, I didn't actually "get out" until yesterday. I went to get my hair cut. One of the great things about Mexico: Haircuts are usually between $2-$5. Well, ok. You do only get your hair squirted down with water and the beauticians yank their combs through your hair at terrifying speeds. But, the thought of all the dough you're saving will keep that smile plastered on your face. You can also often get manicure-pedicure for around $10-$15... and, boy, did this momma need that. I actually drove all over town and found about 3 spots that did 'em... but they were all closed when I needed them (from 2 to 5 pm).

Not to worry, I waited 'till the bambinos were in bed and then made up my own foot soak and foot scrub (thank you, internet)--and gave myself that manicure-pedicure. I WILL stop biting my fingernails! Ok, I'm better now.

Here comes the inspired part: While I was looking for recipes for the pedicure stuff... I came across this awesome blog. It has recipes for homemade lotion, deoderant and laundry soap. The author talks about how she went to "no shampoo". Anyways, reading her blog is what go me inspired. I then spent I don't know how long looking at recipes for baby shampoo, shaving cream, cleaning products--all things I can make myself! Who knew? I have super duper sensitive skin, and I have to wonder if more natural is more betterer (hah) for me anyways? And I can sure see how over time I would be saving some pretty pennies! And keeping chemical counts low... A lot of the ingredients for things we don't have here (or I don't know where to find 'em), so I will probably have to order some and for others "put in an order" with my aunt to bring down when she comes in September. I let you know how it goes!

In other news:

Aleni fell from the bed for the first (and hopefully last) time yesterday. :( Boo. I was checking her about every minute, and for about 5 minutes she had been laying, unmoving, in the middle of the bed. All of the sudden, the worst "thud" noise... and then my baby crying. Sorry, Laini!

Arghhh!! Noah is soooo close to going potty in the "potty chair". He has his daddy's strength of will, though. Sheesh. Yesterday afternoon, we were reading books together--he without a diaper. All of the sudden, he kind of jumped and grabbed himself, and then kept reading. I could "tell" that he really had to go, so I tried putting him on his kiddy potty. He started screaming. He's never peed in that potty, so I wondered if he would "get" it more on a big person's potty (we have a "converter seat" for it, he had just been terrified of the height before). So, I took him in there and put him on the potty, and he sat there just fine.

And sat there. I tried eeevveeeerrything I could think of. Distracted him with songs, bubbles, looking out the window. Turned the water on. Even gave him a cup of water which he was pouring on his stomach. Drops would come out. I'd be sooo sure... and... nothin'. I told him jokes and got him laughing. I gave him some privacy to see if that would help. We were there about 30 minutes. "Come, Noah. You are sooo big! Pee pee!!"

At the end, he appeared as though he couldn't hold it anymore. I told him he could go in the potty. Come on!! His face crumpled and he started shaking his head rapidly, "No, no, no. No pee pee. Ewwww. No pee pee. All done!!"

So, not wanting to scar the lad, I let him get down. We went up to the patio to take the laundry off the line. And there, as some rain sprinkled down around us, Noah happily relieved himself.

Can you believe it? He made himself "hold it" for at least 30 minutes with every kind of stimulant against him. Wow. I just feel like if he could just do it one time... it would be smooth sailing from there.

What was interesting was after all of this, I put Aleni in the high chair for her supper and Noah came over asking for a hug. Now, he's not the hugest hugger. He doesn't mind sitting on my lap and snuggling while he wakes up... But, hugging-- not so much. Last night, though, he wrapped his arms around my neck like a grapevine and rocked me back and forth, back and forth for the longest time.

Did he feel like I was dissapointed in him? I wondered. Because I hadn't made any negative expressions or comments. But, just in case, as he rocked my back and forth, I said, "Noah, you are a good boy. You are so big. You are so strong. You are the best. I love you." over and over.

To which, Noah whispered over my shoulder: "Goo boy. Big. Tong. Bes. Love oo."

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