Saturday, August 7, 2010

(good) Friends

This is kind of going off the "Community" post... but, the issue of friends here. I know that from that post, it may seem like I don't see a living creature except for on Sundays.

That's not entirely true. But, if I can quote myself in a conversation I had with Rey a few weeks ago, "Most of my friends here are different from my American friends. Most of my Mexican friends have horrible lives, abusive husbands and tragic tales of woe every time we talk. So, it's not really like we are conversing, because what do I have to complain about in comparison to that? It's more like me listening, sympathizing, praying, consoling, counseling--and coming away very burdened for that person. Or, it may be that the person isn't real good at keeping private things private--so I have to be very careful what I say to them. I can't just let my guards down and say whatever little thing comes to mind. There isn't a mutual 'sharing' or 'unburdening'."

This comment was made in response to Rey trying to find an outlet for me. A way for me to get out. "Call up one of your friends and go out for coffee or something..." Sounds wonderful, but--as I said above. When I want to "get out"--I don't want to become more burdened. Doesn't sound very "Mother Theresa-ish", I know. I love where I am and that people feel close enough to me to share their pain--but, we all need to breathe from time to time.

All this to say-- gracias a Dios-- we are in the middle of a deepening friendship with another young, married couple. A healthy, Christian couple. A couple who is also in ministry and who look for ways to help us and encourage us--as we do with them. A couple to whom we feel the freedom to express our thoughts/concerns/laughs... and have the joy of receiving the same openness from them.

Ahh, good friends. They are indeed a treasure.

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