Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ah, I must, yes, I must write a post about my little bundle of sweetness. My little Aleni. Or Laney. Or Laney-Lou. Or Laners. Or Preciousness. Or Darling. Or Hermosura ("Beauty"). Or, as a friend of our calls her, "Dulce" (Sweet).

We could not have asked God for a more loveable, more easy-going, more wonderful baby. She truly is nothing but joy.

Whenever she wakes up from her sleep-time and realizes someone is coming for her, she beams one of her face-splitting smiles up at the world.

She is very good at keeping herself content. She will voice that she would appreciate some attention, but if none comes--she quiets herself but sucking away on her thumb and looking around.

She has always been a "chatter"(gets that from her daddy, haha). Now, she's started being a "squealy chatter". It always cracks us up how she'll be gurgling and squealing happily to herself. She makes "raspberry" noises and has countless facial expressions.

She has the most beautiful, sparkly eyes. From the time she was born, she has been able to find the face of the person who is talking and is very alert. She always know who is holding her!

I love her sturdy little body. She is just the right mix of muscle and pudge. Her little thighs are beautifully dimpled, yet she has a kind of baby six-pack going on! She has been able to hold her head up from an early age.

I told Rey yesterday that sometimes she is so good, it makes my heart hurt. Because she is so undemanding, she can be left alone in her swing or on her play mat for long periods of time while I am doing housework or chasing down her brother. Sometimes I feel like I am not giving her as much attention--because she doesn't force me to!

Oh, well. She doesn't seem too traumatized yet. And, we enjoy our snuggles every time I sing and rock her before she goes to sleep. And sleep? My goodness, that little angel caught right onto the settling herself to sleep thing, too! Of course, I mean--hello? Did I not say she is perfect??


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